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I never close for bad weather. If you cannot get in because of the weather, we can still do something at your appointment time. Please note that my 48 hour cancellation policy applies no matter what the weather. As long as I have a working cell phone or a working internet connection, I will keep my appointments with patients. I believe that it is better to have an appointment, even if in may be somewhat harder to do by phone, or a bit harder to do by Skype, than to skip it altogether.

I am able to get to my office in any kind of weather, so I can be there if you want to come in. If you want, we can do things over the phone (or even better, by telepsychiatry, and save both of us time. The quality of Skype video is very good, and I strongly suggest that you consider getting set up for Skype. Skype is good not just for seeing me without having to come in, but given the price (free), it's a fabulous way to stay in contact with people all over the world.

Because I am often doing sessions with people over the phone during bad weather, the chances are high that my office phone will be busy at the time if you call or Skype me. If you are calling or Skyping in for your appointment rather than coming in, please call 443 470 9101 or skype me at patbarta a couple of minutes after your appointment is scheduled to begin as I may be finishing up with another person.

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