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I offer telepsychiatry services is via Skype.

My Skype name is: patbarta

Please note that I don't usually have Skype turned on on my computer and that we usually need to make prior arrangements to use Skype for your sessions. The only exception to this would be during bad weather, during which times I will usually have Skype running on my computer.

If you are calling me on Skype, please call me (my Skype name is patbarta) at the time of your appointment. If I don't answer, please try again in 2-3 minutes as I may be finishing with my previous patient.

I would usually prefer to do video calls rather than audio calls for your sessions.

If you don't know anything about Skype, start here:


Download the Skype program from Skype.

Skype also has a series of short instructions on the basics of using Skype.

Finally, if you would prefer to read something on paper rather than on a computer screen, the Department of Education at UNC has a nice "Getting started with Skype" document in pdf format. There are a couple of parts of the document that are UNC-specific, but almost all of the document is applicable for anyone getting started with Skype.

I have a couple of inexpensive webcams that I can lend to patients for one session so that they can try telepsychiatry without having to buy a webcam.

Here is a brief video by another psychiatrist on his ideas about telepsychiatry. I agree with most of what he says.


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