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I run my practice by myself to keep my overhead down. This choice has certain advantages, most notably that I deal with everyone directly and that it is easy to keep your case confidential. It also has some disadvantages, primarily in that I sometimes have to triage requests for my time and that it isn't feasible for me to spend lots of time on insurance company or legal paperwork. If you want a doctor who

  • limits the size of his practice,
  • does a careful diagnostic interview,
  • deals with you directly,
  • does psychotherapy with some patients,
  • is usually available by phone or email,
  • does telepsychiatry,
  • doesn't do 10 minute appointments,
  • doesn't recommend that everyone who sees him gets medication, and
  • doesn't make you wait (over 95% of my appointments start on time).

I think that there is a good chance we can work together successfully.

If you

  • need to have lots of forms filled out frequently or urgently,
  • want a disability evaluation,
  • are involved in a legal case, or
  • just want to be seen for 10 minutes once or twice a year for medication refills,

I am probably not the best doctor for you.

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