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In general, I prefer do all my work for you during your session. I do not charge any additional fees for any paperwork that we do during your session. When we are together, it is much easier to get things done quickly and efficiently. If you need any paperwork from me, such as insurance forms, prescriptions, letters to work, etc., please let me know at the beginning of your session so that we can attend to them during your session. If you wait until the end of your session, we may not have time to complete them, and you will will probably need to wait until the next time we meet. I believe it is unfair to my next patient for me to delay his or her session because of paperwork that could have been done during your session.

As a rule, I do not attend to non-clinical matters outside your session. Anything that is not an emergency will need to wait until your next session. If I absolutely must attend to a non-clinical matter at any time other than during your session, I charge for this time in 15-minute increments. You must pay in advance for at least 15-minutes (or more if I know that it is going to take longer than 15 minutes). I will charge you from the moment I start something until I complete it and you must pay the balance of any additional charges at your next session.

You should know that insurance companies and pharmacy management companies often keep people on hold for 20 minutes or more, so these calls can get very expensive very quickly.

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