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My email address is:

I try to check my email once a day. For privacy reasons, I advise that you to be thoughtful when using email to contact me. Email is much less private than most people think, and many people such as systems administrators, bosses, and curious family members can often read any email that you send. Email communication is good for a brief note saying something like “you asked me to check in with you to let you know everything is fine, and it is.” or “I can't make next week's appointment,” but bad for anything complicated or anything that you would not want to have widely known. I do not believe that it is possible to practice medicine by email, so please don't be offended if my response to your email is something like “Call me at the office.”

Depending on whether I need to triage my email, it may take up to 24 hours to return your email, and sometimes longer, particularly if I am travelling. In an emergency, go to the closest ER or call 911.

Please see communication for policies on clinical communications.

Special note for GMail users

gmail is particularly unreliable for delivering appointment reminders because it frequently places them in your spam folder.

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