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I do not charge for most brief phone calls or emails directly related to your clinical condition. By clinical, I mean dealing directly with

  • you,
  • your family members,
  • a pharmacist who needs to clarify a prescription,
  • another physician, or
  • another mental health professional regarding your treatment.

Dealings with anyone else are non-clinical, for example:

  • insurance companies,
  • pharmacy benefit management services, and
  • attorneys

because I am not working for them and they do not reimburse me for the use of my time.

Furthermore, I consider it a non-clinical matter to:

  • fill out forms,
  • reprint receipts,
  • replace lost or stolen prescriptions (some lost or stolen prescriptions cannot be replaced),
  • refill expired prescriptions, or
  • write letters for you

because these matters can easily be taken care of during your session.

If you need me to do things outside your session you will need to pay additional fees for paperwork.

Please note that I do not respond to phone calls from insurance companies until I have received a signed release of information from you.

I do my best to respond to emails or voicemails within 24 hours, but if you cannot wait that long, you should go to the nearest ER or call 911.

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