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  • If you miss your appointment, you will be charged.
  • If you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, you will also be charged, unless I am able to fill your scheduled time with someone else.

The first of these policies is standard procedure for most mental health professionals. The second of these policies relates to how I run my practice. My schedule is either filled or close to filled most of the time. If I am seeing someone else, I am not able to call someone else to reschedule your appointment when I am seeing a patient, and the time I previously scheduled for you goes to waste. Please be considerate of my time and that of others.

The only time I make an exception to these polices is for life-threatening emergencies or the death of immediate family members.

If you are not able to be at my office but are able to talk, we can do your appointment by telephone and you should call 443 470 9101 a couple of minutes after your scheduled appointment time.

I am also happy to do a Skype video call if you have signed a consent.

My calendar program usually sends you a reminder 72 hours before your appointment. Because of the vagaries of email, I cannot be responsible if this email fails to reach you.

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